for iMessage.

What are Sticker Packs for iMessage?

StixPaxs creates a variety of sticker packs that can be used to make iMessages fun and creative! You can use stickers to express yourself in many ways, by tapping to send or peel and place on top of messages!

StixPax's Featured Packs:

To visit any Sticker Pack in the App Store, just tap the icon and enjoy!
Dirty Birds Sticker Pack : DirtyBirds
Steel Curtain Sticker Pack : DirtyBirds


About StixPaxs.

  1. Send Stickers Send a sticker as a regular image through iMessage.
  2. Stickers on Images Place stickers on top of images for extra fun.
  3. Stickers on Messages Place stickers on top of iMessage bubbles.
  4. Have fun! Use the stickers to express yourself and enjoy the conversation!
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